cbd oil and kidney transplant

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I’m 7 years post kidney transplant. I’ve tried the tincture a few times and it does seem to work.. I use cbd oil (Rick Simpson to be exact) for insomnia. I tried nearly every rx for insomnia out there and nothing stuck. I have horrid anxiety as well and use other tinctures (or edibles) that.

FRIDAY, Nov. 6, 2015 (HealthDay News) — When people languish on a wait-list for a kidney transplant, they may start to consider a desperate measure: Traveling to a country where they can buy a donor.

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Doctors claim a woman has been virtually ‘cured’ her ovarian cancer – after shunning traditional treatment and taking CBD oil and apricot extract instead. The ‘dramatic response’ has been documented.

Moreover, there has been some research on the potential to use CBD in transplant patients. Both THC and CBD tend to tone down immune activity and they have recently been suggested for treating graft-versus host disease, a potentially deadly reaction to organ transplants.

I know that without the years of my CBD Hemp OIl use that helped my body stay in balance, I would have never been able to be healthy enough to receive a kidney transplant. Not many patients are passed when they have a pacemaker in the heart like me. CBD Hemp OIl over the last 5 years of use had kept my other organs healthy.

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